Demand Generation


The active telemarketing assists in curating a pool of potential clients and clearing the air if there are any doubts related to the services offered. In this world of digitalization, telemarketing brings to the table the only human aspect, that is, discussing the services, the products with Jade B2B has an internal team dedicated to providing the clients with upbeat leads.
The ultimate goal of the team is to sprout interest and provide a way to the potential customers, to reach the group.

Jade B2B offers unmatched digital marketing services to their clients, ensuring an upbeat presence at every digital platform

The in-house team of content writers have expertise in developing intriguing content, siphoning the interests of various clients, and demand for B2B products and services. 

Social Media is without any doubt to reach the customer base, especially LinkedIn. By contacting the business professionals via social media, with the appropriate content and a subtle strategy is our secret to success.
Jade B2B offers the clients tried and tested marketing solutions in the lead generation via digital and telemarketing services.