A/R Management

A/R Management

The money that patients owe to your practice for service provided and billed is termed as AR or Accounts Receivable. Goal of every business is to maximize it’s AR collection and timely payments of services rendered and billed. One of the most critical function of a medical practice is to effectively manage AR. The increasing AR over a period of time indicates slacking collection of co-payments and deductibles from patients which needs to be corrected immediately in order to make the AR management more efficient.

AR management can mean something as simple as collection of co-payments to filing appeals, insurance contract updates, dealing with insurance company underpayments, managing deferred reimbursements and dealing with bad debts and uncollectibles.

At BuiltAbility, we speed up the payment process by helping practices submit their claims as quick as 72 hours after the services were rendered. This helps in strengthening the follow-up function and ensure maximum timely collection. We generate reports for each and every payer to assess the activity in patient accounts.

BuiltAbility team will aggressively follow-up on all accounts with insurance companies. BuiltAbility will use every possible tool like websites, fax, IVR and phone calls to get connected with insurance company and win your collections.

At Jadeb2b, we make it our job to recover up to 70% of your denied claims.
Our A/R team can see to it that your denied claims are recovered.